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At the Law Office of Divorce Attorney John Heilbrun in Cincinnati, we want to help you resolve family law problems successfully, quickly, and with a minimum of stress.

Family law problems such as divorce are difficult to handle on your own. They are legally complex and emotionally draining. The help of an experienced family lawyer can help you get the outcome you want in a way that helps you heal and move forward with your life.

John L. Heilbrun is a Cincinnati divorce attorney with over 30 years of experience representing people in and around Cincinnati in complex divorce and other family law proceedings where significant property and personal concerns needed resolution.

What Are Your Needs?

John Heilbrun can help you resolve many important family law problems, such as:

And many others. If you have a special problem and want to know if we can help, please call (513) 321-3940 to talk to John Heilbrun about your family law problem.

Why Work with John Heilbrun

Cincinnati divorce lawyer John L. Heilbrun is a sympathetic, encouraging, and understanding divorce lawyer who can listen to your personal problems and give you legal solutions.

John knows you are busy, and offers evening and weekend appointments to help you get the legal help you need, despite your crowded schedule. He is a native Cincinnatian who understands the issues confronting Cincinnati families, and the importance of resolving those issues in your divorce, property division, and child custody cases. He has been a practicing attorney in Cincinnati since 1977, and for the last 25 years has been focusing primarily on family law.

Many attorneys don’t like the thought of handling divorce cases, but John enjoys using his talents to help people get through this difficult process. Collaborative divorce is especially rewarding because it encourages people to work together with their spouse to resolve important issues in a way that lays the groundwork for future cooperation, which can minimize ongoing problems.

Divorce is the end of your marriage, but especially if you have children it is not the end of your relationship with your spouse, it’s just a new beginning for both of you. The divorce process doesn’t have to cause further damage to you and your children. Collaborative divorce is the best way to minimize further pain.

John Heilbrun has considerable experience in collaborative divorce. He has been handling collaborative divorce cases for more than 12 years, and is a member of the local collaborative divorce group, which is active in developing the practice of this exciting new type of divorce process.

To schedule an appointment at either of our Cincinnati area offices, please contact Cincinnati divorce attorney today. Our the Law Office of John Heilbrun serves clients in Hyde Park, Blue Ash, Lebanon and surrounding Cincinnati communities including Hamilton and Warren County.

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